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Sprites Micol ADV Basic


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I've been looking at Micol Basic also, though I have not looked for sprite  related.

(Programming languages can support sprites, those sprites do not have to be hardware implemented).


I heard/read recently in the past few months about someone was in contact with the Micol Basic author.

Maybe if you search for that person, there may be old resources for additional libraries.

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1 hour ago, Iamgroot said:

Software drawn sprites are called shapes in the Apple II world.

Sort of. They're actually vector shapes. Using them gives you the ability to rotate and scale, but results aren't always as clean as you'd like. Scaling is really only useful for the most basic of shapes. You can use XDRAW with shapes which behaves something like sprites, but the color of the shape is dependent on the background that it is drawn on. If I recall correctly, shapes can also only be one color. 

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