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Question about jsfDebugMessageHalt()


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I'm using 'C' with JagStudio
I turn on the debug monitor...


    rapDebugSetXY(20, 45);
    rapDebugSetMonitor(0, STRPTR(sprite[sprTop].x_));
    rapDebugSetMonitor(1, STRPTR(sprite[sprTop].y_));

and called update in the main loop...


the debug monitor window appears and is near the top of the screen
the sprite x, y values update (as they do in the debugview demo) 

Then later in the code I call...


This halts the program, however, the debug monitor window is relocated to the bottom of the screen.

Not a major problem unless what you want to see what is behind the monitor window.


Is this suppose to happen?

Is there a way to have the debug monitor window stay where it was set with rapDebugSetXY() ?

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Thanks for pointing this out.  We hard coded the position for jsfDebugMessage() and jsfDebugMessageHalt() because they were designed to be quick calls to show debug info.

However I can appreciate that they might end up on the screen in front of whatever you're doing.


I'll remove the hard coded positions from the next JagStudio release (which isn't far off).



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