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Pinball Museum in Gatlinsburg, TN


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I'm on vacay to TN right now, and just today we stopped by a pinball museum and arcade in Gatlinsburg. Now, I'd been to a few arcades in Pigeon Forge already, but they all sucked and they barely had any different games. But this one was good.


They had some rare cabs. Mappy was there (but it didn't work.) They had PSE Maneater. They even had a freakin' Taito Superman cab. I was playing that for most of the time. All the arcade games used quarters, even though the guy said they were set to free play. I had to call the guy over to get Superman started.


They had some newer games, like Raw Thrills Batman, Guitar Hero (I was singing along to KISS' "I Wanna Rock and Roll All Nite"), and those Fast and the Furious games you see everywhere. For pinball, they had GOTG, Beatles, Star Wars, Batman ('60s), and more; I was playing Attack from Mars (as the pinball games were the only to use a card swipe system.) 


Sadly, they did NOT have Rolling Thunder. Or at least I didn't see it. But they did have another hot blonde guy in a red shirt, Space Harrier. Oh, and they had Captain America and the Avengers; Hawkeye's pretty smokin'.


9/10 (since no RT.) I'd visit again.

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On 8/11/2022 at 6:59 AM, str0m said:

They have Superman in my local arcade in the UK, on freeplay like all their cabs. I played it to completion last weekend, mostly to annoy one of the owners who really doesn't like it 😄


Superman would be better if it had BRAINIAC as one of the bosses... but then again he'd look like the CIRCUS PSYCHIC FREAKAZOID from that era of DC...

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