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Season 13 ~ Week 1 ~ Vanguard


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My best score after 49 minutes of trying. I may try again before I turn into a pumpkin, but posting for participation points at least. I came in cold without reading any tips, hoping I would remember how to play. I was pretty happy with this game until I saw y'all's scores.






Also, my first ever livestream: 



Username at 30 seconds in, lots of boring Stella settings, good game starts at 29:48 and ends at 36:40.


(I don't know how to use OBS yet.)

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I did a brief try tonight and got 21090, unable to get to past the section before the Gond.4891B478-ED90-4475-B2B8-2D3FB8593F14.thumb.jpeg.9c32c1872cb88181680f1d89badde619.jpeg


I really wanted to do this one because I was pretty good as a kid. See my score from 1983 in my log of over 100k.52BBED7D-99E0-4790-91E1-235AF070CDB5.thumb.jpeg.98ae9c39a3671277cfb39ba51fa0355c.jpeg

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52 minutes ago, jgkspsx said:

Man oh man, I don't know what's wrong with me. I accidentally hit reset on my one good game in round 2. It's not happening tonight.



This happened to me with this game as well. The reset is just one click away and easy to do, when you're kind of nervous after reaching a new score.

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11 hours ago, fakecortex said:

That's awesome! I love finding stuff I wrote as a kid. Now go back in time and tell 'em how to spell Vanguard :lol: I kid, I kid :cool:

That is so funny, I did not even notice then or now.  Spelling has never been a strength-love spell check!

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