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I want to learn PCE, don't know where to start

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Does anyone have PCE programming tutorial? like a website? Traxx said PCE used ~6502 so I thought I'd learn it.

 I was interested in learning about it more, but I can't find any real documentation for it like I could for the 5200, 7800, and 2600. Does anyone know of a website I could use?


Also, I want a good PCE emulator. Does anyone know of some good PCE emulators? Sure that sounds like a dumb question but I'm new to PCE. So hear me out:

My end goal is (In case you don't know, @Traxx is also a PCE programmer, and is very good at it) making a port of It's Conner time to the PCE.


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You may already have found what you're looking for (it's only been what, 21 months?), but I will put these up for anyone else who might be interested as well.  This one has the source and includes NES assembler as well:



This one is a MSDOS version I think:




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