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7800-titles that need providing pokey from abroad US

Giles N

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Hi @Albert,


I’m considering ordering and producing BBs Crystal Quest (7800) from the AA-store, and as I don’t know when the HOKEY will be around, up and working, I consider using Ballblazer cart.


Now the AA store wants it within 30

days after placing order, but shipments/posting of such things seem to be given to a fair amount of unprecision.


As I live in Norway, I’m not sure if I could get it to your store for certain within 30 days, even though I think it would.

Could AA-store extend time for such orders/production for non-US buyers?


Is it a better option to make agreement that AA-store buy a Ballblazer cart directly from ebay, and agreeing with buyer on item, waits until buyer sends money to AA-store or similar in advance of placinc order for say ‘Crystal Quest’?





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A fit your own Pokey option would be nice (I did this with DK-PK). Where you can buy the game without the stickers applied so you can take it apart and fit your own pokey. Then sticker it all up when it's tested and done. You could potentially save even more as you don't need a cart shell if you'll be pulling a Pokey from a Ballblazer/Commando cart already, so you'll have one. Other than that, I just can't see a financially viable way for us to send a pokey over to the states these days. Postage cost have gone mad.

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