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Regarding interlaced, pseudo high-res and true high-res modes on SNES

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As per the video above, and just to double check because it wasn't clear to me, regardless of the background mode, interlaced mode is always 30 frames per second (or 60 fields per second), and there is no 448 progressive mode on SNES?


Also, are the pseudo high-res and true high-res modes 30fps or 60fps then, or is that not really applicable to the horizontal resolution?

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On 8/24/2022 at 7:21 AM, Kirk_Johnston said:

interlaced mode is always 30 frames per second (or 60 fields per second), and there is no 448 progressive mode on SNES?

448p wouldn't make sense on an SNES, since it would require a "VGA" monitor (~31 KHz) to sync to it. The SNES was designed only to sync to a standard CRT (~15 kHz). Consoles with 480p output didn't become a thing until ~31 kHz TVs started becoming available in the late 1990s. The TVs were marketed as "progressive scan," and coincided with the availability of "progressive scan" DVD players. They all had component (YPbPr) inputs because composite and S-video only support up to ~15 kHz video signals. And yes, 512x448i on an SNES would always be 30 frames / 60 fields per second. 60 frames per second is inherently/mathematically limited to around 240 lines if you want it to sync to a ~15 kHz TV/monitor.


The Sega Dreamcast is the first major console I know of that definitely had a 480p mode, though only some games implemented it. I've heard that the Sega Saturn could do 480p, but no official games implemented it.


Also, in reality, the SNES has no "high-res" mode. 512x448i is a little lower than 480i, which is 15 kHz, which is standard resolution. It's not even as "high-res" as an ordinary NTSC TV broadcast (1941 until analog TV broadcasts were largely discontinued in 2009), which are full 480i (480 visible lines; 525i if you count the lines you can't see).


Nearly all SNES games are entirely ~240p, which, like ~480i, is standard resolution (~15 kHz). Hardly any games used the 512x448i mode.

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Okily dokily.


High-res or "high-res", it's clear what I was talking about, and indeed the guy in the video.


Now, what I'd like to see is some indie/homebrew games that use the SNES high-res mode more. We know it's entirely possible, which RPM Racing is evidence of, and that game doesn't even come close to taking full advantage of everything Mode 5 can do.


Hopefully some indie/homebrew devs take up that challenge. I know one is:




He's also doing some cool stuff with Mode 7 too:



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6 minutes ago, Tanooki said:

Got a link to that set of images you keep throwing out?

It's from the SNES Development Discord channel, but I got booted, so you'll have to join that yourself to find out more.


They're from a game that Kulor from SNESdev is working on, but he's not showed much more that that so far.

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Also, I know some random person in another thread was trying to paint the picture that somehow I'm hiding who I am or what I am called in other forums, so I just thought I'd link to one of my much earlier posts from here again to show that I've been pretty clear about who a I'm from the start by sometimes posting my own content and making it clear it was mine:


I think I've been very clear who I am, and indeed my motivations for being in here, unlike the other person, who joined a couple of days ago and has done nothing but commented three times in response to my comments and said not a good word about SNES thus far. And, I think this person is possibly a guy called TrekkiesUnite (that's his name in other forums), who's been stalking me across multiple forums and doing the same thing there too. All of this because one time I was arguing about SNES vs Genesis with him in a random YouTube SNES vs Genesis video (kinda par for the course in those videos given the premise), and apparently he just can't get over me defending SNES while he was defending the Genesis and telling him some cold hard truths. I mean, I totally respect Genesis too, it's a great console, but, when it comes to any SNES vs Genesis debate, I'm defending the SNES and that's that. I won't lie about either system's capabilities, unlike some people, but I will absolutely speak up for the console that I love and think was overall the easy winner of the 16-bit generation.


Just wanted to clarify that while I had the opportunity.

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Just stalker dick mentality, remember it well from the slime over at the neo geo forums because they'll go anywhere just to keep up the heat acting like a bunch of children.  Ignore it, or if you feel the need, rebut it.  You're right the two consoles are in their own ways respective powerhouses, but both have some age based limits too, the genesis being a bit more glaring though than SNES just having a slow core.  Neither are bad, but both have to take better differing routes to have some superior levels of output beyond what is expected out of a common release.

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