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Fujinet firmware update


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3 hours ago, mozzwald said:

Attached below is a new firmware for the Coleco ADAM FujiNet. This is a testing firmware that uses the latest espressif platform which is a major upgrade. I am requesting testers to go through and see if there are any issues before we push it as a regular release. Another notable change is a bug fix to the TNFS code where the packet order sequence would be incorrect if a packet timed out. The firmware can be installed with the latest FujiNet-Flasher from https://fujinet.online/download and using the "Custom Firmware File" option. If anyone can test and report issues (or no issues) it would be much appreciated.  


fujinet-ADAM-0.5.1b7ccf31-BETA.zip 1.71 MB · 1 download

i sent you some feed back on Discord


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