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Defective replacement power supply?


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I have the gray console Odyssey 2 with detachable joysticks and The Voice module. I also have a (currently working) power supply (output 12VAC, 830mA), but I'm concerned that it will give out at some point due to its age (I'm planning to recap the console to prolong its life, I've already recapped The Voice). Based on my searching, I saw that the Triad WAU090-1200 was a suitable substitute. So, I ordered one, plugged it in and... nothing. 😕 O2 didn't power on. Went back to the original power supply, and got "SELECT GAME" and everything. I couldn't quite understand it. Is it possible that the Triad power supply was defective? I tried it both with and without The Voice, and still nothing. At least I still have the old power supply, but if that gives out I'm going to need a suitable replacement. I'd rather get something that's been manufactured recently with equivalent specs. What has your experience been with replacement power supplies?

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I ordered the Triad WAU090-1200 from Newark and it works fine with my Odyssey2.  Do you have another power supply you can try?  If the Triad is the only one that doesn't work I'd guess it's simply a bad Triad power supply.  From http://www.the-nextlevel.com/odyssey2/faq/essentials/#12


...It should be safe to use a power supply that provides anywhere from 9V to about 14V, AC or DC.

Many Odyssey² players use power supplies from other, more common consoles. A standard 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) power supply can be used on most Odyssey² consoles, just not the early models. If your Odyssey² has a round, female power port with a thin metal peg in the middle, it's compatible with an NES supply. If your console's power port is female, but smaller and lacking the metal peg, try an Atari 2600 supply. It should work! 22




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Go with the newly-manufactured Atari 2600 power supply by Best Electronics. Works like a charm on the detachable joystick version O2, as it has the same plug and the specs are in line with the O2 (plus, there's also a voltage regulator on the O2). I believe the charge is $13.95 plus shipping. https://www.best-electronics-ca.com/text.htm

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