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68689 Data Sheet

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6 hours ago, dhe said:

I was going through some data manuals, and it doesn't seem I have even a prelim data sheet for the 68689 which was an ASIC implementation of the TMS9900 - I think for an update to the Patriot Missiles. Anyone havesy and willing to share?

it is in the datasheets and manuals folder on WHT (and has been there for quite some time), but here's a copy I had from another source.



SMJ68689 Data Sheet.pdf

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Good luck finding a chip. Scarcer than hen's teeth. I think Uncle bought up all the remaining inventory when it was obsoleted. It's the CMOS variant of the SBP9989 which derives from the SBP9900A. One of the 99'er community worked with these chips for one of the TOW subcontractors, iirc. Name escapes me at the moment.


Interesting feature is single-step to 16 Mhz operation. Other than that, the 9995 and 99xxx are more interesting to me.

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