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Microleague Baseball

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Noticed a couple of users asking for Microleague Baseball to be fixed for hard-drive and all TOS.


Well had a quick look yesterday and fixed our crack from 1987. Tested briefly on my MegaSTE and Falcon, appears to work fine (let me know if there's still a protection check left in from WNW's crack)


For techies, Hot-Knife's original crack placed his loader at $11000, a strict no-no nowadays- although back in the day who knew we'd still be doing this stuff 30+ years later.






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@Showaddywaddy - I am back from vacation. The hard drive version you made appears to work quite well. One nice change would be to stop the game immediately if I am not in low res. Right now, it tells me I need to be in low res but I have no way to exit the program. 

I hit a key and I see an alert box that says I need to be in low res. Then, the computer reboots. 

If the adaptation exited to the desktop or changed the resolution to low res if I am in the wrong resolution, that would be great. 

However, your version works great with TOS 2.06 and the PP hard disk drive that I use. 

Bob C

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On 1/6/2023 at 10:34 AM, darwinmac said:

Thanks for doing this. I will try it this weekend. 

Bob C

I tried Micro League Baseball 2 today. It ran fine from medium res. I have learned not to use the mouse at all in MLB2 in later TOS versions. I wish the developers had not bothered to add mouse support to it. It just looked like something they added because they thought an ST version should have mouse support. 

Bob C

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