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2mm thick 8-bit computer


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I still dont see good data on it... but under his thumb, that appears to be an exposed data bus? Maybe with a select logic pin, to serialize address bus?  (eg, pin 9 raised means 'address bus', and pin 9 low, means 'data bus', so serialized address, then data, for a full IO op?)


OK, looks like this is actually 5 bit?





Or at least, only 5 bits are exposed in the expansion bus area...  The others are mclr, ctrl, VCC, and pals. Means driving a sound chip will be dodgy.

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I would be more interested in say, using PragmatIC's "Plastic IC" foundry service, to straight up just have plastic based smart credit cards made.  Should be quite amenable to eINK ePaper displays.




They recently had a breakthrough with getting ARM M0 reference designs fully working at >1cent/unit with bulk manufacture.  Since they do bespoke work too, according to their site, a "Self-designed" 8 bit CPU on plastic substrate should be achievable.


Say, something that has a 'coin holder' to accept a penny into, that you then just get wet-- to supply wet-cell power with.

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