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Happy Birthday (Birthday Mania clone)


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Made an homage to Birthday Mania with the same theme and similar gameplay.  Good for very short sessions as it gets unfair fast.




Happy Birthday!
A game by Gemintronic, LLC
Do not resell


What better way to celebrate than snuffing out candles with a puff or even a hat!


The title screen displays a message and shows the high score.  Press FIRE to continue.

Press FIRE to launch a puff into candles for 10 points
Use LEFT or RIGHT on your joystick to maneuver your hat into candles for 8 points
Press RESET to clear your score and return to the title
Setting either difficulty switch to EXPERT (A) reduces your time and increases candle drop rate

Your score is displayed bottom center on screen
Each candle that drops off screen deducts time (represented top right from score)

Your game is over once the time is 0.  You can review your high score or press FIRE to try again.


* Not every candle can be saved due to reach or bad luck
* When catching with your hat any candles on the same row have a chance not not deduct time

happybgeneric.bin hbmanual.txt

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