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HBS 640 Manual in English

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Forking off of my original topic, I would like to start a new topic dedicated to the HBS 640 accelerator board inside my Mega 4.


Original topic : 


I mentioned that I found a PDF of the original manual on archive.org:



Using Google Translate, I created an English version of the manual. The English manual may not be grammatically correct in some cases because the OCR generated German text embedded in the original PDF was not always properly recognized. Words were misspelled in some cases and letters were mixed up. Sometimes there was a stream of gibberish and I had to manually type the German text into Google Translate. I left the English as close to what Google Translate created as possible because I did not want to inadvertently insert my own bias or interpretation of the original text. Perhaps a native German speaker can compare the texts and suggest changes.


A PDF and MS-Word version are attached to this post.


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