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Yes, and it looks to be better than the last one, which last time I checked--was still buggier than a termite mound, and had a boring art style to boot!

On the other hand, it had excellent music. Too bad that Golgoth Studio and Marvelous Entertainment decided not to fix the remaining bugs.

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I don't get it either it's stupid.  And I think it did make it, sort of, the Nintendo Switch SNES sorta freebie pit you get with registration at $20/yr for the games/cloud, etc.  It's in there, I linked the video, but also ACA had MD2 and 3 I believe both on the Switch for a few dollars for Neo Geo originality there.



The GBC game i recently got rid of, so boring as it's too stripped down and doesn't even save the scores.  I went back to other puzzles that engage a bit more as it utterly lacked any depth sadly.

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