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Robot Nightmare game available

Ken Reighard

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You were walking through the woods when you suddenly fell into a dark cavern filled with venomous snakes, absorbing blobs, and mechanical monsters. Shooting your way through until you find a trap door, you descend to yet another level. These automatons aren’t just pesky, they are a ROBOT NIGHTMARE.

ROBOT NIGHTMARE is an arcade style maze game where you must destroy hostile robots in order to progress to further levels and achieve a high score. You must manage your limited ammunition and avoid the other monsters that are simply there to deter you from your goal.

ROBOT NIGHTMARE requires a Tandy Color Computer 1, 2, or 3 or a Dragon 32/64 with at least 32K memory and a disk drive or a device to emulate a disk drive.


Get it at https://kenscococorner.itch.io/robot-nightmare

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