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Little Kids


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This is what my 6 year old is currently on:


Fairchild channel F: Pinball challenge (that's the breakout game!), and the maze game, he amuzes me with my homebrew a little too when he can stand it. 


Master system: Phantasy Star 


NES: Dragon Warrior / Quest


Final Fantasy 2 pixel remaster 


Switch: pokemon shining pearl


Ocassional mario kart and Minecraft, but he seems to be sidelining these for the above. A true child of a retro gamer. 

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Even though my kids (who are now teens) still give me a hard time and call them 'Grandpa Games', they grew up around a mixture of modern and retro gaming.  :)  


They in particular liked playing stuff on my TI-99/4A (my oldest on Video Chess, the youngest liked stuff like Hangman) and the 2600.  My youngest kiddo in particular was particularly nasty with Freeway and hard to beat. hehe

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