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Odyssey repair service?


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I would really like to buy an Odyssey, but I don't know where to start looking. They pop up on ebay but almost all the time they are sold untested...unfortunately I've learned I don't have the soldering/repair skills needed to fix "untested" electronics 😆 Is there anyone/anyplace that sells functional units? Better yet, are there any Odyssey repair services out there? or anyone on this forum that does repairs? I heard of a gentleman on ebay that used to do repairs, but I've heard he is no longer available. I'd appreciate any advice you have to offer to a newbie enthusiast such as myself.
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The original Odyssey is 50 years old now.  Unlike later videogame consoles, it uses digital logic comprised of plug in logic boards build with discrete components, such as diodes and transistors.  There is likely to be oxidation, and possibly corrosion on some or all of the connections,  if it doesn't work this could be the reason.  The video output is via RF only, and uses an RF cable and connector that is not commonly available now. Make sure that if you pick one up, it has the switchbox as well.  If it at least has the original RF cable, you could modify one end with a modern connector. To properly experience the Odyssey, you really do need a CRT TV of the appropriate size, (19" or 24")  To apply the overlays, which are held on by static cling.  Although scans are available, and some people have undertaken to create overlays for other screen sizes.

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I would also advise if you're doing some work on something to get a composite mod done to it.  RF is prone to signal noise and certainly doesn't improve with age.  There are a number of prefab options on ebay.  I was very happy with the one that comes from Turkey.  Good Color and solid picture.  I had another one that I didn't like as much..  was a more washed out look.  However I've been eyeing some of the kits that offer an S-Video Out as I have been slowly been working to upgrade my entire setup to S-Video.. 

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