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I guess Fury Unlimited is gone?


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George sent this to people on his mailing list:


"Hello friends, a quick note to let you know that I'm aware of the situation with my website domain. A company that I've never heard of is requesting a payment from me in order for me to keep my domain. While I clear this issue up, please use the original address below which has been in service since 2003. Note that the email address info@furyunlimited.com is also temporarily out of service.
Thank you
So not gone, just diverted.
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Dang, now we can't see mocked up screenshots of vaporware titles that will literally never be released. Please pardon the harshness of my comment here. There are many people here that know he deserves every bit of hate that he gets. He held peoples' preorder money for Warrior for literally years. After about 3 years of waiting I had enough and helped him get a quote for the overlays from a print shop I knew (since it was the overlays he wasn't happy with and why he refused to release the games). By the end of it he was accusing me of making up ever actually even talking to a print shop and getting a quote. That's how crazy and paranoid he is, he literally accused me of making up the whole thing just to get him off his ass and get the game out. The last part is true, which I did do him a big favor by motivating him to finally release it. But I certainly actually talked to a print shop and got him a quote for overlays. And what did he do to thank me at the end of it all? He forcefully refunded my preorder money as a big f*&$ you for helping him out, since I dared to bring up how much frustration he caused people over the Warrior fiasco.

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