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SGM Games / SGM 2: PAL and NTSC compatibility issues ?


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Hi all.

I've got a French (RGB) Colecovision console plus ADAM computer expansion.

I also have a genuine Super Game Module from Opcode (latest version I guess).


So far the few SGM games I've got run fine with my hardware. 

Today I wanted to give a try to the FujiNet device I just received and which brings me access online to some SGM games I never tried before.

Unfornately I can't start most of these SGM .ROM file on my hardware (my console and FujiNet are both "stuck" during the loading step) 😞


Could it be because those games were designed to run (only) on US NTSC console or is there something I missed in my setting ?


Thanks in advance for your help.

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There is a rom size limitation of 32K with the FujiNet and also ADAM Drive Emulator (ADE). This is a limitation in the architecture of the ADAM and not due to an issue with the FujiNet or ADE. The menu software for these SD Drives creates a virtual disk image of the rom image on the fly and DOES NOT support roms that use bank-switching code to break the 32K barrier as the instructions note.


I don’t see a workaround ever being developed, so in order to play rom images from 64K thru 512K on the ADAM. you will need the AtariMax Ultimate SD Cart, BackBit SD Cart or play via an emulator.

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Thanks for your explanation, I actually missed the 32K limitation you mention.

I however checked the size of these SGM games I found on "fujinet.online/ADAM/SGM games" and those which don't work ("Cold Blood" and "Danger Tower" for example) are listed as 32K roms. Perhaps these files (and perhaps more) are corrupted on the server ? When I try to load one of these games, the FujiNet "orange light" stays on and the reset button doesn't work, I have to switch FujiNet off and on again to have the device reseted.
For the record, as you mentionned it, I loaded both games with success using Atarimax Ultimate SD cartridge. The rom files I used, however comes from AtariAge forum, not from fujinet.online.
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Oh yeah, as far as your question about CV cartridge based games/rom images, they are region free. There have been some Homebrews that took into account the 50 or 60Hz difference into account, but only for sound output.


I have not tested Cold Blood and Danger Tower to see if the rom images on the FujiNet server are good or corrupted, but what you could try is to copy them from the server to your SD Card using the MOVE/COPY feature of the FujiNet Config program. Once done, copy those files to your AtatiMax SD Card and test with the AtariMax. If they don’t work, then the files on the server need to be replaced.

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I'm in touch with Mozzwald who suggested me to create a log through the FujiNet to get a lead about what's going on.

Since I have to put my hardware away for a couple of week, I'll give you information in this thread when I have something new to share.

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I caught the debug log from my device when trying to download one of these SGM games that fail on my console.

The log file shows a lot of "retry timeout" messages.

I sent the log file to Mozzwald for analysis and he said "[...]FujiNet tried connecting to get the game but some problem occurred. We have been noticing more timeout issues recently with the hosting provider (Digital Ocean)[...].


So I guess I should not be the only one to face issues when trying to download/boot SGM games from fujinet.online.

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