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Apple ][ Joystick Dimensions? (A2M2002 or A2M2012)


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Could anyone with an Apple ][ Joystick and a caliper post some actual dimensions?


Would love an actual Apple ][ Joystick (A2M2002), but like other nostalgic devices from my youth, their value has now risen above my budget.  Therefore, I am switching to assembling icons of those memorable devices rather than the devices themselves.


I am starting to create a 3D Printable model for the A2M2002 Joystick (and will likely do a A2M2001 Paddle too) but I don't have an example to measure.  I have lots of photos, so I can probably get a quite accurate reproduction with some basic height and width numbers by extrapolating the rest from the photos.  I also *suspect* that the case dimensions were identical between the A2M2002 and the A2M2012.


Any help appreciated!


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I'd like to help, but I'll I have is the very similar CH joysticks.

The real apple joysticks run a little too expensive for me.

I know CH "thumb-sticks" are still made under APEM. They use 5k pots instead of 150k and I haven't found anyone that has be able to swap pots.

https://www.mouser.com/c/electromechanical/industrial-automation/human-machine-interface-hmi/joysticks/?output type=Analog (Resistive)

This one even looks like the og CH joystick, but round.



Edit: Before somebody shouts out "they make 150k pots!" - I'm talking about drop in, with no mods.

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