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Can someone help me out on a keyboard for my Coco 1 restoration?


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I was hoping someone could help me out on a Coco Model 1 I just repaired. I picked it up free at a swapmeet and it was in really bad shape. It was in a heap of pieces not even together and covered in layers of crud. When I saw it I knew I just had to save it from the trash heap! It is missing almost all the screws, RF shield and Keyboard. I can tell it was left outside with alot of dirt and some minor rust.
Long and short is I was able to repair it to the extent I can test without a keyboard. But without a keyboard I cant really continue. I even bought an FD 502 Floppy drive module and floppy drive unit to go with it. Does anyone have a lead on a keyboard for this model 1 here in the States? Can be chiclet or standard keys although I prefer the chiclet. Please let me know!





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