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Way of the Exploding Fist Remake (Windows and Linux)


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Hi All,


I'm developing a remake of the C64 classic "The Way of the Exploding Fist". It's currently fully playable, for upto 4 players. Check it out here:




It's completely free and available for download on Windows and Linux from:




macOS. iOS and Android are coming. It's still a work in progress; currently there is only one background and no CPU players but I'll be adding these in the next few weeks. Let me know how you think the game plays and if there's anything you think could improve it.



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I've made some updates:


o CPU players with multiple skill levels.
o It plays more like the original in 2 player mode - one hit wins the match.
o Improved blocking.
o macOS is working again. There is also a powerPC version being tested.




Download from the same place. There are updated and improved instructions:




Let me know what you think.


If there's something about the game you'd like to change, let me know (paul@cogsgames.org). My engine that runs the game is now in a stable/usable state so you could download it, the source code for Exploding Fist and have a go at making your changes.



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