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Help with Super Everdrive X5 PLEASE!

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Just arrived yesterday. Followed the instructions from here > https://www.snesguy.com/super-everdrive-x5-review/ (Downloaded V1.05)

Downloaded to the micro sd card, (which I formatted to FAT32) along with a "roms" folder with a dozen or so games.

Turned it on....got an alert the battery was dead. Opened it up, checked - the battery was fine, but I put in a brand new one anyway - the same msg came on with the new battery.

Bypassed that screen and got to the menu (pic below)

No matter what I try though each game (pic included of the directory) I get a "Disk IO error". I've tried two different micro sd cards, I have a brand new one coming today although I don't think it's the card...

I tried going to the krikzz site for help, but I',m not getting the verification email, so I can't post. I bought from Amazon, so I can easily return it but obviously don't want to. Any ideas? TIA!


EDIT : Ok I'm an idiot...the game files I was using did not have the "sfc" extenstion, so I tried one game (Actraiser) and it ran fine, allowed me to save the game, and I powered off the console and ran it again and it was fine, the save game state loaded.

BUT...I'm still getting the "battery has run dry" message. Is this normal?







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2 hours ago, Tanooki said:

Your new battery was also a bad battery or you put it in up side down.

Your battery connector has an issue

Your PCB traces between battery and source needing the battery are bad


Track it backwards you'll probably figure it out.

I wish it was the battery(ies). I tested both the one that came with the cart and the new one right from the package. Both tested fine. I tried flipping them over, same result. I was hoping it was something simple, like a file I need on the sd card or something. I'm not at all technically inclined so tracing is not going to happen lol. I bought it from Amazon so I'll just return this one and buy another new one. Thank you for helping out and replying. I tried the Krikzz website but it's horrible and I can't get the registration email. Thanks again!

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3 hours ago, Punisher5.0 said:

Looks like you got a defective one. Do you know if it's a legit one or clone?

Yes, as far as I can tell. The seller is Krikzz on Amazon. I’m just gonna order another and return this one back to Amazon. I msg’d the seller Wednesday but haven’t heard back. It works great otherwise but it was worth the extra $ so I can easily return it. 


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Yes in the US Amazon is the official first party of sorts selling them as Krikzz uses it as a store front, so if they have more, have them swap it if that's all you want.  I know it's a big ask, but, if you can cough up a little more, get the FX Pak Pro because a total of ONE game it can do the other doesn't pays for it, then some, depending on your one game.  (Look up the wiki here for special chips if you see something or a couple cheaper somethings, you win basically.) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Super_NES_enhancement_chips if you like FX chip franchise games, SA1, CX4, SDD1, you're set.  Personally I think they're better made, and the added features on top of the special chips the ED can't do (ED can do DSP if enabled/installed) are utterly worthy.


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