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Subkiller - new TI BASIC game


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5 hours ago, Retrospect said:

If I was compiling it, I would have a set of variables used as timers

I would have done the same thing but XB256 has a function that allows you to apply a timer to a section of code so that it will always take the same amount of time (which can be specified). I think some compiled games use this as I've noticed that a small number of them will run at the same speed on an emulator no matter if the emulator is operating at normal speed or boosted speed.

   So I'll probably try that first and only resort to the old devilry if that doesn't work.

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So I was able to get this working pretty good for XB256 compiled and I'd like to say that it's pretty flippin sweet. Wouldn't take much to turn this into a full blown game, just creating some levels, adding subs and maybe some more variety (planes?) and just general polishing. I'm going to be turning my attention to my Tetris that I've been working on, trying to get the 2 Player game working and then I'll be on to coding up Warlords so I won't be able to look at this for a while. But here's the source (text), the XB program and compiled bits.


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