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ColecoVision Defender - Hyperspace Patch 🕹🚀💥👾📺


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Help (please).


I’ve looked and looked but can’t find a (patched) CV Defender ROM that’ll work properly on emulation.


I’m talking about the pesky Hyperspace button (Button 0 / Zero). 

All emulation (that I have access to, on handhelds and devices without a keyboard) cannot map the CV keypad’s 0 / Zero button… 1 to 8 can be mapped, but not 9 or Zero :(


Would be great if a patch / patched ROM existed that remapped the Hyperspace button to something else … Defender (for CV) is IMO the very best home port of the arcade game, and up there with the best games on the CV.


But the game feels incomplete as I can’t escape when the going gets tough and I’m all out of smart bombs.


Is there a ROM / patch out there that’ll ‘fix’ the controls ?


Thanks in advance / anticipation.

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  • The title was changed to ColecoVision Defender - Hyperspace Patch 🕹🚀💥👾📺
Like an eager yet blundering fool with a wrecking ball I’ve had a go at ‘fixing’ the ROM … and it worked! 🎉 


My workings out:


1) Uploaded the original ROM to an editor: https://hexed.it/


2) Worked out the address to locate: B2BA - 8000 = 32BA


3) Swapped 05 to 0E


4) Saved the renamed ROM (attached)


Massive shout-out and thank you to Bruce Tomlin 👍🏼

Defender Hypersp8ce.col

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