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Is the Chip Level Designs (CLD) Mass Duplicator disk vaporware?


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I have the CLD Mass Duplicator ROMs for my MSD SD-2.  However, the documentation mentions a disk which includes the "CHIP TEST" program to test the installation of the extra RAM, and the "MASS DUPLICATOR" program to duplicate copy-protected disks with a very comprehensive set protection parameters which can be copied, though it cannot read half-tracks due to the mechanisms used.



The Quick Nibbler Should be used to backup protected disks. It will copy all
normal read errors (20-29), renumbered tracks, extra or duplicate sectors,
non-standard GCR, very large data blocks, modified sync lengths, data in gaps,
density variations, blank & sync tracks, and some synchronized & fat track
schemes in 18 seconds.


This would make the SD-2 an incredibly useful device for taking copy-protected software you create and duping it for distribution.  Digging around, it seems no one has laid hands on this disk.  No one has a picture of it.  No one has an image of it.  The only mention of it seems to be the manual and people asking about where to find it.


Did it ever actually exist??  Does it matter, at least for backing up your commercial disks, considering programs like Kracker Jax and Maverick include copiers which will work with the SD-2?

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