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SMS HSC Winter 2022 Special - Who Needs 16 Bits?


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You could play these on that fancy new Genesis, but if you don't have one yet then play the incredible Master System ports.  I was one of those kids that didn't get a Genesis for a while, so I really loved the fact that Sega put a lot into their SMS ports, and that the hardware was up to it. I would definitely have been happy to find any of these under the tree.  I had Altered Beast and Golden Axe back in the day, but didn't play the SMS Streets of Rage until later.


image.thumb.png.6ea28867e19c55d9957a80a0390578ee.png image.thumb.png.61da2d2295782c8b40652dadcb254b85.png  image.thumb.png.3426138e180e0a84fed57dbf0f5bb2ab.png


This round runs US Thanksgiving Day (Nov 24) Christmas Even (Dec 24).


Each game score 10 points for 1st place, 9 for 2nd and so on.  Add them all up and get your total score.  As always, NO CONTINUES.  Streets of Rage is boring on Normal, please play on Hard.


Bonus point: [edit] changed at the last minute - play the Genesis version of one of these games and post a score.


Altered Beast

  1. @fakecortex 114,800
  2. @BydoEmpire 95,000
  3. @jeremiahjt 35,000
  4. @Frozone212 18,400

Golden Axe

  1. @jeremiahjt 68.5 / 53.8
  2. @fakecortex 34 / 35.0
  3. @BydoEmpire 32 / 40.6


Streets of Rage (Hard Mode Only)

  1. @BydoEmpire 25,900
  2. @fakecortex (Easy 150,000) might as well


Bonus Point

  1. @jeremiahjt (Altered Beast 225,800)
  2. @fakecortex (Altered Beast 220,900, Streets of Rate 81,000)
  3. @BydoEmpire (Altered Beast 182,600)
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I don't know how to find a score in Streets of Rage after the game is over, but I took a few shots along the way. It also auto-continues but the score seems to reset. I'll have to look at the instructions.


[Edit] I'm deleting my Streets of Rage score since I played on Normal. This game is boring on Normal, we should play on Hard.


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Streets of Rage seems quite solid. Altered Beast is obviously pared down, but playable, but Golden Axe is absolutely horrendous. This is one of my favourite games of all time, and I played the arcade a lot, but this just hurts my feelings. What was Sega thinking? Better to scale the graphics down a bit, but al least maintain a solid framerate.

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I haven't played Altered Beast on the SMS in a long time, it seems more challenging than the Genesis version.  Much better after another game or two: 95,000.  Golden Axe is the least technically impressive of the three, but it's my favorite. I don't mind Golden Axe on the SMS, I think it's a good port. Definitely choppy, but the gameplay is there. Streets of Rage is a really impressive 8-bit game. It looks great... it's just kind of boring. Matter of taste, of course.


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For Golden Axe, I had a total score of 68.5 and a strength of 52.8.  For the terrible Altered Beast, I had 35,000.  I really want to like Altered Beast on the Master System, but it is horrible.


Unfortunately I do not have Streets of Rage.


*Edit-Bonus score: 225,800 on Genesis Altered Beast.

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Bonus point
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Final day one and done marathon for me. I logged a lot of time with Altered Beast on Master System as a kid, but despite its ability to frustrate me a lot, I kept going back to it. First time for the other MS ports. I find Streets of Rage to be the most playable for either version. I forgot to play it on hard tho and don’t feel like going back. It was funny bc I was thinking how boring it was, lol. Played each on MS and Gen back to back, and ooh boy do each just play smoother on Gen. It’s cool that there were 8bit versions tho. 


Altered Beast

MS - 114,800



Gen, fun bonus- 220,900



Golden Axe

MS- 12/34



Gen, fun bonus- 14/34.6



Streets of Rage

MS normal, IGNORE - 150,000



Gen fun bonus- 81,000



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I have been playing a little more of Golden Axe, and I have yet to score as high as I did on my first attempt.  I think this game may be as bad as Altered Beast.  I really want to like both of these games, but there are just so many things wrong with both.  Altered Beast on the Genesis is one of my favorite Genesis games, but I have never played Genesis Golden Axe.  Maybe I should give it a try finally.

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