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Model 1 Character mod (Not lowercase???)


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I just got a TRS-80 Model 1 with some interesting mods.  The first is a button on the left side of the keyboard that appears to do nothing.  It's soldered to two ICs on the keyboard.



The other is a switch that enables an alternative character set, but it's not lowercase. Any idea what it is?



Sorry for the lousy focus.  There's a short in the ribbon so at the moment, so all it does is flash a "(", an error, then it reboots.  Planning to replace the ribbon.




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It was a lowercase mod all along!  Now that the keyboard's fixed, I was able to locate a BASIC program to list the full character set.  For some reason, the mod shifts the uppercase characters to a different location in memory.  It's a bit weird, but a nice surprise for a new computer.


Still don't know what the button does though.

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