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Teach me how to shorten this code if possible..

Words Fail

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I just figured it out! Nice! Sort of on my own.. thanks for your guys help. It's not going to be as nice as your guys code, but at least I got something to work on my own and I understand what I did.


I made 3 collision detection subroutines..


First one coldet:


- checks player x pos. If your x pos is one on my list then it sets variable d and f and goes to coldet2 If it's not one of those x pos it returns.




- checks your y pos. If your y pos is one on my list then it sets variable e and goes to coldet3. If not it returns.



- if the playfield is on, then it uses pfhline d e f off to turn what I need off, does a c=c-1 and when c=0 then level cleared.


I used 3 variables, but for now it works and that's all I need.

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