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Ok, need title suggestions!

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Some of you may know about the compilation I create from The Atari Times website at the end of the past two years. It was intended to be a printed archive of material that had appeared on the site over that year plus some new material that would appear in the coming year.


The problem with calling it the "200x Year End Issue" is that within one month, it becomes outdated, namewise. The 2002 YEI was brand-new in January of 2003, but it sounded out of date already.


So, I've decided to release it in January instead. That necessitates the renaming of the book to something else, because it won't be released at the end of the year anymore. Not only that, but I hope to have more new articles than ever before with the intent that these will appear on the site over time giving a reader a "pre-view" of the upcoming articles.


Anyway, long story short... What should I rename it to now that it will be released in January? Suggestions welcome!

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1. "Atari Forever -- TAT 2004" (covering all temporal bases)


2. "TAT: This Magazine Wants to Play!" (Hmm...maybe not.)


3. "TAT Now! 2003-2004"


4. "TAT Compendium 2004"


5. "TAT 2004 Remix"


6. "TAT Reloaded"

Cover suggestion: get a picture of Carrie-Ann Moss, nude, with Lynxes (with "Lynx Reloaded" on it, of course), covering "sensitive" anatomical parts. :wink:

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