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Friday Quick Contest #8: Botanical Pharmaceuticals


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And now for something a little different, because I'm out of music trivia: the first person who submits correct answers to the following questions, in this thread, will win a copy of that Japanese Baseball GG cart that I couldn't trade away.


1. Johnny wants to get a "natural high" by ingesting hallucinogens found in common backyard plants, but doesn't want to poison himself. What should he take?


a) An infusion of water hemlock (cicuta maculata)


b) A tisane of common evening-primrose (oenethra biennis)


c) A salad of raw mulberry shoots (morus rubra)


d) A poultice of Poison Ivy (Rhus, spp.)



2. Jan has a headache, and is all out of aspirin. The local convenience store has closed: the owner's been shot, again! What could she make from her garden that would help her?


a) A tisane of fly-poison (Amianthium muscaetoxicum)


b) A tisane of bearberry (arctostaphylos uva-ursi)


c) A tisane of New Jersey Tea (Ceanothus Americanus)


d) A tisane of willowbark (Salix spp.)



3. Alice goes to Jane's house for dinner. Jane's prepared a lovely meal, including a salad "full of flowers from her garden". When Alice asks Jane what she's put in her salad, Alice just tells her that it's safe: "some foxglove, a little monk's hood, and some rose petals". Does Alice indeed have anything to worry about?

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1.c) A salad of raw mulberry shoots

2.d) A tisane of willowbark

3. Yes, Foxglove and Monk's Hood are both poisonous plants.


Mr. Trivia wins again!


Yes, green mulberry shoots (and berries) will give you a pleasant high if you don't steam them first. Don't try this at home, kids.


Since I keep deleting your address (by mistake), Brett, you're going to have to PM me it again.

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