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Oregon Trail for Switch

Rick Dangerous

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I was a bit curious about it weeks ago and went digging including on the developers site.  They've changed quite a lot with despite the claims of it being true to the original.  They seem a bit more interested in being culturally sensitive, adding in a lot of mini games, and some other fluff stuff to put more to do with the game than the original meat and potatoes design that persisted for decades.  They did add in the hunting and rafting stupidly removed years ago which is nice, but all the other stuff just seems to range from just time wasting, space, wasting and a light dash of potential pandering.


It's not the Wii game, it's entirely something new.

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4 hours ago, Rick Dangerous said:

Wondering if this is a port of the Wii game or a totally new revamp.  Looks very similar to the Wii version from the previews i've watched.


Let us know your thoughts if you've played it! 

This appears to be a direct port of the Apple Arcade version of the game (same dev GameLoft)



For the most part, it plays very similarly to the Oregon Trail for AppleIIe (or the handheld), but with better graphics.



It still has the hunting mini-game (the one where you move around 8-directions and shoot at animals that move into the screen. This mini-game isn’t always available, instead this mini-game and others occur at regular intervals along the trail. After being revealed, when you reach the end of a segment, you can play a mini-game using a trail mate with stamina to hunt, gather berries, fish, trade, etc. Also along the trail, you will find hazards or abandoned wagons to help/hurt you along the trail (rogue likes are all the rage)


Now you select members of your party to accompany you in the trail. They each have 8 hidden skills that are revealed as you use them (or can be reveled at camping events where you get to know your trail mates). Each person also has 4 stats (1-6 blocks) that you need to keep up or they will suffer bad effects. Health: improved by medication, Morale: affected by weather, Stamina: necessary to perform mini-games, Hygene: new clothes improve or showering at camp.



One of the new mini games involves rearranging your wagon contents (bottom right corner picture). as new damage occurs to it (you can limit damage with axel grease), you can either repair the wagon (with wagon wheels, tongues, axels, toolboxes) or move your goods out of the red damaged areas.


All-in-All, if you liked the original Oregon Trail, this is more of the same with a graphical upgrade, and a dozen or so storylines you can unlock by talking to people on the trail. They definitely were concerned about cultural sensitivities, but you aren’t bashed over the head with it. Strategically, I don’t find most of the decisions you need to make compelling (how much food you eat; meager;normal;filling, how many hours you cover per day trail pace: slow;normal;strenuous, etc), and would rather be playing another rogue-like (FTL, Slay the Spire, etc). I had fun with it playing for free on Apple Arcade, put wouldn’t personally buy it for $30.

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