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I saw this on the stream and it looks like a lot of fun. Great little variation on the Pac-Man idea and something I'd buy on cart if it ever gets published. :)


One thing that crossed my mind, but I imagine the costs might be too much (and it's cool to have your own thing anyways) was that it would work with the Crystal Castles license - player controls Bentley Bear collecting gems, while he's chased by creatures (from the OG arcade game sure, but maybe some new ones too - he's collecting gems to build his Crystal Castle). 

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I've tested that quite a bit, and as a pac-man lover, i think it's wonderful.


The difficulty curve is ok, though it raises dramatically at level 7.

At that point, the scrolling clearly becomes a curse, where anticipating the AI moves becomes a bit rough.

I believe that's a significant difficulty gap compared to the SNES|genesis versions.

But i'm not sure if and how that could be improved without getting rid of the scrolling.


Speaking of the AI, there are some cases where enemies don't take optimal paths (they sometimes miss opportunities to corner the player with 100% certainty).

But it's overall pretty satisfying, and making them more clever would probably make the scrolling curse even more painful that it already is.


I'm sure you already thought about that, but just in case, don't forget to add the player "move up" and "move down" animations.


If you're looking for cheap game mode ideas, i might have a suggestion:

Easy: collected gems are permanently saved, so those don't re-spawn after death.

Hard: collected gems are cancelled and re-spawn after death (basically as it is in the demo).

That would of course mean adding a dedicated array, and the corresponding read|write algorithms.


In my opinion, the game would deserve eeprom usage, just for highscores.

I could see at least 2 reliable variables to play with:

- Total gems collected during the whole game session (for hard mode, don't forget to subtract cancelled gems, except after the very last death).

- Remaining lives after game over (only relevant when actually completing the game).

Of course, a timer would be cool aswell, so that there could be an actual difference between 2 players who completed the game without dying.

But i don't think it's really needed, not to mention it would create problems of its own (like dealing with the limit, and the fact that it could be abused).

Instead, and to add some replayability, if a player gets the same score as an existing record, his score goes above in the listing.

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Managed to reach level 8, once.


Though i particularly like the monkey head enemy, he can become a problem.

When he arrives in the visible area from north|south, it's often hard to notice him fast enough in levels with a brown background.

That's mostly because of the scrolling of course, but if you ever decide to give players a tiny reaction time boost, you know what to do =]

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ZeroPage Homebrew is playing Chase on tomorrow's ZPH stream LIVE on Twitch, hope you can join us!




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