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Memory Paging above the 64k Expander?

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Back on track.


Updated the code to now have my Stack, buffers above $8000

$0000-$7FFF has been setup to bank any size expansion card within the ADAM'S ability.  At least, what I have sitting around.  The max I own for now is 256k.


Instituted an NMI and pointers all to EOS.  Nothing from OS7.
Again, my ultimate goal is to replace the EOS with something more bug free and optimized but lets get the system working first.


Next is to optimize the input buffer.  From what I remember, Smart Basic allowed up to 127 characters that included the prompt?

Being is that this is DOS and not an interpreter per say, I have to think about the max size of a file name with 3 letter extension.

How deep in directories which may just be limited to 1 level deep but up to 32 directories from the formula I worked out.


All of this is going to change.

Planed support for Disks, Data Packs, and Hard Disks.  We will see where all of this goes.


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