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Son Shu Shi 100% by The Replicants!

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Hi Atarians!


- Cracking is never over -


And the fuc***g best Replicants are back in 2022 to bring you a new hot crack!


The long-awaited release of Son Shu Shi!


New cracktro, new graphics, new music and... a huge surprise!


You can get it from there:


This release is very special in many ways: it is the first 100% functional version of this great game (the version of Terminator Kid, the only one that existed until today, was corrupted and badly cracked), the protection of the game is one of the most incredible ever coded on Atari ST, but moreover this crack is the opportunity for most of the former Replicants to share with you their memories... if you find their hidden text!


A huge thanks to all those who participated in this release: Fury, Kelly.X, Dieu, Jade, Dma-Sc, GT Turbo, Cooper, Twister, Senser, Brume, Mit and all Replicants members!


Also a big thanks to Atari Legend (Brume & ST Graveyard) who did an incredible job on this title, which you can find here:


The history of Son Shu Shi, how it was lost and found:


A review of the game:


An interview with the Kral brothers, the coders of the game:


And an interview with Zae, the founder of Expose Software:


Don't forget: this crack is full of surprises!


-- Orion / The Replicants


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