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Catel Agile Demodulator


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     So I had this bright idea a year or so ago to use a rack-mounted piece of cable TV equipment as a solution for hooking up my RF game systems (namely a Channel F, and unmodified Intellivision, and a Bentley Computvision -a pong machine).


    Well, I finally got around to hooking it up today.


    When I pulled the removable panel off the "Channel Selector", I was greeted by two 8-position DIP switches.




 The name of this equipment is a Catel D-950 Agile Demodulator.


Turns out I need some sort of chart to select to proper channel (3) with the DIP switches.


Everything is on the internet, right?  Well, we all know it's not, and it's easy to make that assumption. I've spent about an hour googleing for a manual or settings chart, and haven't turned up anything.  I've spent about another hour flipping these DIP switches looking for anything like channel 3. (I was able to get some spanish audio for a minute even though I'm not hooked up to cable :)


Anyways, I'd appreciate some advice (beside "use a VCR, buddy" -I mean, ya I know).


So yeah, help?  :)


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No specific information on this unit, but my past history with CCTV equipment tells me that an 8 switch DIP setting has 256 potential addresses (0-255). You could try switch 1 and 2 on for channel 3 and see if it works. I see two banks of switches, maybe it has two separate outputs?


Here is a calculator for a 10 switch on stage equipment. I think the lower numbers it generates would be correct, unless this equipment uses a different scheme, but I bet it works.

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Thanks. I wasn't able to get anything out of it with that setting.  I am thinking I might need to find someone with cable and see if they will let me hook it up and view it on an old TV.


Right now I've just got a pong machine hooked to it set to channel 3, and I can find the thing.


What trips me out is why there are two sets of DIP switches. One of them might be a frequency offset?   That's just a guess.  There's no label on either of them.


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