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Anyone have some code to totally fuck up my game?

Words Fail

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26 minutes ago, Karl G said:

That sounds rather fun. What kind of messing up are you envisioning, though?

I honestly don't care what it does.. since I don't know how to create it, I'll just take whatever someone gives me that's cool.


If you make it to the end, something fucked up happens. It would be cool if you can still fly the ship around on the screen while the other crap is going on (like the Pac-Man arcade kill screen), but if that can't happen it can't happen and I understand. I guess I could just draw a fucked up background and flash colors or something worse comes to worse, but it would be much cooler to have something interesting or even outside of what bB can do.


Right now I've got a game with 30 levels.. I have plenty of room in my 4K bank for more levels if I choose. I was originally envisioning tons of levels aka Arkanoid. Every so many levels you fight a boss who comes back stronger and stronger. I did not add in any boss or enemies yet. All you do is fly around the 30 levels.


I have hardly any no room left in the bank with my mainloop in it. I will try to condense something down, but no worries. I've got another 4K bank that's completely empty. The enemy and boss code will go in there. Actually I may have 2 banks totally free at the moment.


Sorry I don't wanna release anyuthing yet.. I have a friend who's seen it and that's it. When I do release a prototype I'm going to do it oldschool.. hand made label, actual cartridge that says lab loaner or something.

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