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Retropie on the VCS

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Hi everyone,


I'm sort of new to Atari Age, but been very active at the Atari VCS discord server. After following all of the VCS PC-Mode talk I was inspired to create an image file that can be burned to a USB key. With this image you can tell the VCS to boot from USB and it boots into Retropie, using Linux Mint as the backbone. 


I have created images for 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB USB keys. Also with the 128GB I recommend using an external USB SSD. The 32GB image is a very basic install of retropie, the 64GB and the 128GB have all the bells and whistles installed and preconfigured.


I have more information about this on my blog. https://dadisajoke.com/blog/f/play-retro-games-on-any-pc


So if you are interested, I will post the torrent files here.

AVCS Retropie 32GB ISO.rar.torrent AVCS Retropie 64GB ISO.rar.torrent Dadisajoke Retro Power SSD.rar.torrent

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Thanks!  I was wondering when someone will make a RetroPie image for the VCS.


The only barrier to using the "official" ones is the Secure Boot which requires a keyboard & password to turn off, not exactly idea for living room users.  Linux Mint and other Ubuntu based distros will work with Secure Boot so it's just a matter of using them as a basis for a flash drive boot disk.


And welcome to AA... :)


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