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Fastest way to run Applesoft proggies?


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If you wanted to run an Applesoft BASIC proggie at the fastest possible speed, how would you go about it?


I personally would compile it with Einstein Compiler for 40-60% speed increase. And further, run it in Applewin at full unlimited speed on a 5GHz i9 or something similar.


Consider this:


 100 HGR2
 110 DIM NUMS(10)
 120 NUMS(0) = 1:NUMS(1) = 2:NUMS(2) = 5:NUMS(3) = 6:NUMS(4) = 7:NUMS(5) = 0
 165 FOR I1 = 0 TO 280: FOR J1 = 0 TO 96
 170 X = I1 / 280 * 3 - 2
 180 Y = J1 / 191 * 2 - 1
 190 A1 = X:B1 = Y:N = 0
 200 A2 = A1 * A1 - B1 * B1 + X
 210 B1 = 2 * A1 * B1 + Y
 220 N = N + 1
 230 A1 = A2
 240 IF A1 * A1 + B1 * B1 < 4 AND N < 10 THEN  GOTO 200
 300 COL = NUMS( INT (N / 2))
 320 IF COL THEN  HPLOT I1,J1: HPLOT I1,191 - J1
 340 NEXT : NEXT


Takes all damned day on real hardware at stock speeds, to draw this:



But if you compile it with Einstein Compiler it's ready before lunch time.

And running it compiled and on an i9 with Applewin set to fastest, it's done practically instantly.


I tried TASC and the speed was essentially the same as EC. And pre-compacting (prior to EC compile) with Beagle's COMPACT may have gained a second or two at best. Essentially no change.


If there's a way to go faster with Applesoft BASIC I'd like to know.


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A FastChip can run at 16Mhz.  Copy Applesoft to the card RAM and run basic programs from there.


Here's an example using a double low res library to draw rectangles.




A PC will be ultra fast, of course.  But, this is the fastest way I have to run an Applesoft program on real hardware.

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