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Looking for any RSVE mod owners!

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Putting out a call for any existing Atari ST users who have the
RSVE mod in place on their machines and are now currently using it successfully.


I've just installed the RSVE mod on my Mega ST4 and while I
think the installation is correct, I'm unable to get it to
communicate correctly with my WiModem232.


The red LED on the RSVE mod does light up whenever I use the
HSModem software with the RSVE portion enabled.


Some questions I have that I can't seem to find answers for
in any documentation:


Should the red LED stay on all the time or does it go on/off
with access by software like comms programs?


Is the SERIAL.CPX supposed to be continued to be used and if
so, what is it supposed to be set to? HSModem remaps all the
19.2k calls to 38.4 so should it be set to 19.2k or 38.4?


From an Express Times publication article, I used the same
settings as an Express sysop that had this working:


" ===============================================================
        = ARTICLE BY: Darren Trutzenbach (King Arthur) =
=========== SysOp of The Round Table BBS, 300-28.8 kbps =======

RSVE works great at 38400 on 8 Mghz machines, if you select higher speeds then you will tend to loose characters on slower machines, I have mine set at 38400 on a 16 Mghz Mega STe, I do loose the odd character at 57600, but 38400 works flawlessly. HSMODEM software is very easy to install and can be used without the RSVE board (The software fix for the Atari's RTS CTS problem). There are several different programs that are included in the HSMODEM package, you do not have to use them all, It depends on what modem port you are using. If you are an Express sysop like myself you must be using modem 1. The neccessary programs to use for modem 1 would be DRVIN.PRG, this is the main driver for HSMODEM and must always load before any of the other HSMODEM programs. MFP.PRG, this controls modem port 1. I suggest that you load DRVIN.PRG and MFP.PRG boot from your AUTO folder. Although they can be run from the desktop, make sure that they are the last programs to run, this way any of the other programs that Auto load will not interfere with the changes they make to TOS. I use the To configure these two programs you must run the program SETTER.TTP, and on the command line put the path and filename to either DRVIN.PRG or MFP.PRG. The configurations are built into both these programs and by running SETTER.TTP you are altering the actual program, which is a nice feature, this saves having those configuration files located all over the place. You will be prompted to enter some information when SETTER.TTP is executed this can be a little confusing seeing as most of the text is in German and very little in English.


These are my settings for DRVING.PRG and MFP.PRG:




I have the RSVE board installed. Answer no if you do not.




REPL: place 1: 19200
place 2: 38400


The above replaces bps rates, for example because of the limit in TOS ost older programs will only support rates as high as 19200. Now the oftware will notice the change and adapt 19200 to 38400. This will not work if the RSVE board is not installed, so if this is so answer place 1 and 2 with a U.


Place 3: U
Place 4: U
Place 5: U
Place 6: U
U meaning Invalid or no entry.


DTR: Yes
Enables switching of the DTR lines answering yes keeps it like in TOS.


RBL: 32768
Size in bytes of the recieve buffer.


TBL: 256
Size in bytes of the transmit buffer.


The Size of the above receive and transmit buffers may vary from system to system. For best results play around with these numbers until it works best for you.

English docs are included in HSMODEM, so if you want to experiment with different settings you can, but I found the above best for my system."


Thanks everyone...


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So I did get the RSVE mod working at 38.4k. I posted more details in the usual

DarkForce! thread here (and at other forums).


I'm still having one problem though. While everything seems to mostly going

fine at 38.4,  when people call in at 19.2k (or less, I'm assuming) downloads

are giving multiple CRC and sub-packet too long errors, followed by a timeout

and the download is cancelled. It's kinda like, between the RSVE mod, HSModem,

and the BBS software that the 19.2k callers are being treated like they are 38.4k

and the downloads are being rammed at them full speed.


HSModem has parameters for receiving and transmission that you can adjust. I

played with them until around 3am this morning and nothing helped. The usual

standard is 256 on each. I'm assuming that transmission is the relevant one here.

I've went as high as 32768 and as low as 32.


So one big question I have is, is this the way it's supposed to work? That once

the RSVE mod is in place, 38.4 is the path with no ability to continue to use the

lower/slower speeds?


If anyone has any advice, insights or even random thoughts on this I'd surely

appreciate it.  :)




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