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Prototype 2600 Screen Editor & Code Generator


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I made some progress creating 2600 screen editor with code generation. Find attached prototype alpha version. It will require .NET Core 6 64-bit Windows.

It only supports background and playfields (and not both yet for code generation). Basically you draw the screen, then click on 'auto kernels' and then 'generate code'. The asm file should run (at least from my limited testing). You can adjust the kernel starts but at the moment that won't work since it requires knowledge which type of code template to run.


See below example after clicking 'Auto kernels'. It creates 7 kernels here. You can show/hide playfield and kernels by clicking the checkbox next to it.

What is not working:

- Playfield asymmetric

-  Balls, missiles & sprites: this could only work if not many other drawing operations need to happen. So not sure yet

- NTSC only

- Undo won't work for kernel changes or clear







Edited by lucienEn
Created single EXE and updated with several fixes
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I updated the editor:

- Background and playfield code generation is fully working except no asymmetric support yet

- For auto-generating kernels it shows now the type of kernel that would be generated in the editor

- Several bug fixes with data generation

- Fixed save/load not filtering on json extension

- Added support for playfield priority

- Disabled non-working functionality (sprites, ball, etc.)


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