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Dynamite sound files NOT playing in SmartBasic. Problem SOLVED !

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Seems like the original sound samples that were recorded with the Dynamite 1 cart did not contain a binary header 


The later files have that header and that allows Smart Basic to BLOAD xxxxH


Adding the binary header allows SmartBasic to use the sound samples.


The Dynamite GUI will LOAD BINARY strapped samples as well as NON strapped but the Smart Basic Dynoplayer needs the header and gives a BLOADing ERROR without it



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1 hour ago, rietveld said:

Looping sound sample playing through Smart Basic

Thanks for posting the video.


I have yet to get back to looking at the DynoPlayer program after making the disk image. Seeing as it is a SmartBasic v2.0 program, I want to see if I can get it to work in EXTMEM which yields a 90K workspace compared to STDMEM which only has about 26K. If I can figure it out, sound samples larger than 20K could be loaded and played.


Just another one to add to a long TO-DO list!!!


BTW, thanks for the heads-up re saving a file with or without a header. I guess I should have RTFM.

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