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ADAM Ports (memory)

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Here is an interesting revelation.
You have to look for what is evidently out there but found by trial and error by other programmers because documentation is just not there.

I looked all throughout all the ADAM and Colecovision documentation about how to configure the memory in order to understand and implement bank switching so I could use higher RAM values other than the stock 64k memory expansion card.


I ended up confirming with Eric Pearson that port (42h) banks the memory 1, 2, 3, 4 ect...

Nowhere is that documented that I can find other than port (42h) is reserved along with a host of others.
Now if you guys out there know something then please share it because this is getting to become a hunt and peck to getting down to the nitty gritty.

At present I am trying to find if a particular setting will allow the 32k Expansion ROM to be used as the lower bank with 32k Normal as the Upper.
Going through Port (7Fh) and official documentation that is not a feature but then again the "official" docs did not mention port (42h) either.

So, if it is not possible then I will move on but if I am going to experiment with a hundred ports then it turns into one of those sigh, is it worth it moments.


As far as the DOS goes, at present I have it running off the MIB238 Eprom taking over the entire system, have run into a few roadblocks but getting there.


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