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Options for Compiling a TI Extended BASIC Program


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I know this is well-trodden territory for some folks here, but for me it's practically brand new, as I've never compiled a program for the TI-99/4A before. What are the options for compiling a program in TI Extended Basic? I'm working on an upcoming TI Extended BASIC game and would like to explore compiling it for improved performance and perhaps also for ease of sharing. If someone could provide an overview of the various options for compiling and any related walkthroughs/instructions, that would be very helpful—to me and hopefully to others as well.


Thanks! 🙂



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My TiCodEd Manual also has a general section about compiling Extended BASIC, which is independent of TiCodEd and SXB, with step-by-step instructions for setting up Harry's compiler in Classic99 with the asm994 external assembler.





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