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Just picked up a Commodore VIC-20 SMPL


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It was being sold as a regular, untested Commodore VIC 20 with no power supply (or anything else but the unit itself), but it was pretty clear that there was nothing regular about it. I bought it because it was unique and the price was cheap, although I knew nothing about it. I watched the 8-Bit Guy's video on it, but it just raised more questions. Anyway, what is this thing worth, and what can I do with it (besides play VIC-20 games, as he showed in the video)? Here's a pic:


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Was it the 8-bit Guy who visited someone who happened to have their back yard filled with these customized VIC-20's? I have a feeling the value dropped quite a bit once that video was released, even if the guy wasn't planning to get rid of any. I'm not sure if there are any custom ROMs or connectors, or simply that you need a cartridge with custom software to utilize it for what it was adapted to do.

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