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SMS HSC - 2023 Winter/Spring - Round 1 - Cloud Master


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Let's kick things off with a later-release game that I've never played. Let's get crazy, Japanese style - shoot sushi, battle pig heads... all that fun stuff.





To get a bonus point, play Alex Kidd in Shinobi World.  Second bonus points for beating the game (which I've never done).


This round runs Jan 16 - Jan 29



  1. @jeremiahjt 485,500
  2. @Dashopepper 207,300
  3. @BydoEmpire 202,200 (+1)
  4. @fakecortex 178,300 (+1)
  5. @Frozone212 25,800
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New score of 485,500.  Beat the second level boss and then cleared the entire third level on the first try.  Died on the fourth level because I did not see an attack from below and I could never get my power back up to where it was.  The mini-bosses on the fourth level take a lot of hits.

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Squeezed in a game of Alex Kidd in Shinobi World just to get on the board, but just re-learning the game. I haven't played this in forever, I want to get a few rounds in on the actual cart.  I've gotten to the 4th stage but I've never beaten it.  Maybe this is the week...




I tried a couple games of Cloud Master on my DS emulator, but it was rough. The screen is too small for me to play well and track everything, I didn't even make it to the first boss.


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I need to read the directions for Cloud Master... no idea how the power up system works. :)  Google to the rescue:



Each time this is taken, Michael Chen's shot power increases by one (1) step, up to a maximum of six (6) steps.



When taken, Michael Chen's power goes up by two (2) steps.

Michael Chen's speed increases by six (6) steps.


Michael Chen's weapons shoot rapid-fire.



Michael Chen's number of lives increase by one.

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Beating that first boss really boosts your score. I feel like he moves a bit slow 😕 Not a bad game, but likely won’t come back to it. 





Bonus- 4,400


This is the first time I’ve played an Alex Kidd game actually. I didn’t know when he was going to Shinobi World that they meant the Shinobi video game, hahaha that was a fun surprise. I like his spinning on poles power, but the rest of the controls feel slippery. 


Although I wasn’t a fan of the games this round, it’s still cool to get exposure to titles I’ve never played before :)

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