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A little OT..What decides the dev number on githubs or the like.

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I'm snowed under with things to do, but I always wanted to know what decides a dev number / name and why the odd number jumps between builds?


Take Dreamcast emulator Redream (superb emulator)


Here's 2 days ago name




And now yesterdays build




Is this decided by a dev rule or just a personal choice?


A lot of emu's just seem to go up in logical jumps ie 4.01, 4.02 etc


Always wondered

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These are commit SHAs. With GIT, each commit (a piece of code contributed to the project, if I simplify it) is calculated an SHA (it is a sophisticated checksum). The first few digits of the SHA are then used to identify the commit.

The file names in question indicate that the binaries were compiled from a commit that has the id of gb05282e. This is normal for the development versions, because each development version can be easily tracked to a given commit. 

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Yes. The other numbers probably are:


xx=major version

yy=minor version

zz=build version (sometimes...could also be some other kind of internal like a sprint number or whatever)

nnnn- this is probably something related to the build system like a sequentially rising build count or something similar. In my experience not all builds work so it wouldn't necessarily be always sequential.


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Thanks people, I initially thought the Dreamcast one was based on CRC but the G threw me, turns out I wasn't far off. Still not sure about the leaping numbers, although it does make sense if a build was broken so needs to be taken into account for the numbering, hence the number being  X times higher because of failed builds. I just wonder why the dev just ignores the failed one and keeps it in normal sequence.


BUT, thanks people, been wondering about this for a while..


Paul.. In the sunny, but freezing UK..

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