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Broken Colecovisions.

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Before I break out the logic probe, soldering iron and oscilloscope I wanted to describe the issue and get your feed back..

I was testing three Colecovisions that I bought for parts.

One works, just dirty connectors, the second is clearly some dead vram but the third I have never encountered before.

It works until I get to the middle of the screen and then it wraps around to the left side

So I was testing mouse trap...middle wraps to the left.  I tried Centipede, the middle and wraps to the left.  Same with all the games.

First I was thinking last VRAM chip where the sprites usually sit but the patterns are fine.


So before I start screwing with the VDP and ram is it possible the controller ports or the 1K scratch Ram.



I also found a Gorf cart that are two EPROMS but so what, I can use them in another project as well as the PCB and shell.
They don't look like prototypes, just regular Gorf #1 and #2 1983 Coleco


Your thoughts....



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