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CV Smurf Rescue Prototype?

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This video intrigues me. Just as with the early copies of Donkey Kong that initially shipped with the ColecoVision when it first came out on July 28, 1982, this issue of Schtroumpf (what the French Canadians in Quebec use to refer to Smurf Rescue) he found is actually a prototype!


What's different is the scoreboard starts off with three zeroes instead of two, the sound is more muddy (for example, the BGM continues playing when Smurf dies, just as in the early Donkey Kong carts), and the tree trunks and foliage in the overworld are not as cleanly rendered.


If the cleaned-up 16K version of Smurf Rescue had already been issued in the U.S., then why did Canada still have the early 24K version? Didn't we in the U.S. also have the 24K version of Smurf Rescue when it was first released in August 1982?




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